Our dedicated Disaster Response Team is ready to respond.

Disasters come in every shape and size – wind and rain, fire and ice, burglary and vandalism – and can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. At Bader, we know our partners are in the self-storage and apartment business, not the insurance-claims business. So when disaster hits, Bader steps in to offer a helping hand. Our trailblazing Disaster Response Team goes wherever we’re needed to process claims, cut checks and help. Being there – wherever “there” is – enables us to provide hands-on help and frees our owner-operator partners to focus on all the other worries surrounding the disaster. After just three years in operation, our one-of-a-kind Disaster Response Team has already responded to apartment fires in Michigan, Arizona and Utah; storms in Louisiana, New Jersey and New York; tornadoes in Alabama; and storage-facility fires in Ohio, Georgia, and Maryland.

Having our team on-site, assessing needs, evaluating claims and cutting checks, makes all the difference in the world for our partners and for their tenants.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our partners have to say.

“Words simply cannot express our gratitude toward Bader’s Disaster Response Team for their assistance with this situation. Their expertise was invaluable both to our residents and us. We have nothing but praise for Bader.”

“We knew Bader Company would come through for our residents.”

“We felt as if Bader Company went above and beyond…They weren’t afraid to get dirty and work long hours to make sure their insureds were well taken care of.”

“The site was a nightmare. But the Bader team was great. They met with our customers, and settled most claims right there. It was also one less worry for my team.”

Just a little assurance. When disaster strikes, that’s all anyone really wants, whether you own a vast storage facility or rent a tiny unit that serves as an extra attic. That’s what our Disaster Response Team provides. We’re committed to supporting our clients – no matter where or when they need us.