Provide assurance to your customers and your bottom line.

If protecting yourself and your tenants while adding to your bottom line is important, let us know. It’s what we do every day.

Bader is one of the nation’s largest Self Storage Tenant Insurance programs designed for the self storage industry. And, as an Insurance Partner Program of the SSA, Bader has demonstrated its commitment to the industry with best-in-class service.


Insurance provides peace of mind by offering that promise of repair or replacement when bad things happen. Anything less is simply not insurance.

One Less Worry

Bader’s one-of-a-kind Disaster Response Team helps owners and tenants.

Proof of Insurance: A Good Idea and Good Business

“Mandatory” is not a bad word when it comes to insurance. In fact, it’s actually a good thing for everyone involved: owners, managers and tenants alike.

Playing by the Rules to Catch Those Who Don’t

Discovering fraudulent claims – and even better, deterring fraud – saves all of us who play by the rules.

Back to Basics: Why Tenant Insurance Makes Sense

Having insurance is not all that important until something goes wrong. But when that happens, having insurance is one of the most important things in the world.

Helping by Listening

We do our best to make sure that by the time you file a claim, the worst is behind you.

Know Your Contract

Many owner-operators of storage-rental facilities don’t require their tenants to purchase or show proof of insurance – even though their own leasing agreements include an insurance requirement.