Take your assurance to a new level with training from Bader.

Bader Company is the leading provider of multifamily insurance and is dedicated to providing you, as an owner/manager, with the tools you and your team need to increase renter participation in our programs. Decades of experience in this industry have taught us that high-quality training increases participation rates dramatically.

Our tailored training programs can help anyone’s team – big or small, local or national. And we’ve made our programs flexible by design. Whether it’s through a webinar or an on-site seminar, our training will prepare you to offer our program successfully.

Bader offers interactive, online monthly webinars. They focus on giving you simple, yet effective ways to offer the program. Each training session is tailored to needs of complex.

Renters Insurance Made Easy

For more information about Renters Training options, please contact Bader Company’s Account Manager, Tyrece Butler, Email Me or call (888) 223-3726, ext. 6083.