With Bader renters insurance, you can protect your personal property from theft, fire or weather-related damages.

Did you know that your landlord doesn’t insure your property from theft or damage? If you don’t protect yourself, you’re taking a huge risk. And without renters insurance, the odds aren’t in your favor. Replacing valuables damaged or lost due to a fire, break-in or storm is your responsibility.

Don’t underestimate the value of your personal belongings. Big-ticket items like furniture, computers and TVs are costly enough. But in the event of a disaster, you’ll need to replace all the basics as well – things like kitchenware, towels and clothing. It all adds up, and without Renters Insurance, you’ll be left holding the bill.

So, why Bader?

Bader makes it affordable

Bader’s Renters Insurance is designed to be affordable and accessible for renters of all kinds: students, young graduates, growing families, working professionals, seniors. Think about it this way: starting around $15 a month – or just 50 cents a day – our Renters Insurance coverage costs less than a delivery pizza.

Because Bader makes it easy

Our customers are busy people. That’s why we’ve designed a simple application process. In fact, you can sign up right now.

Because Bader provides assurance

Having insurance isn’t important until you need it, until something goes wrong. But when that happens, having insurance is one of the most important things in the world. Our claims department is on your side. Filing a claim is easy and we take over from there.